Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that local sport and local sports clubs are sustainable and can thrive and remain and be integral part of the community. We do this by sharing the profit we generate from our services back to local sports clubs.

We are set up to help and support local sports clubs who share our drive to support everyone in their local community. To help local clubs in achieving this we offer a range of services that allow the clubs to become financially secure both now and in the future.

What we do

My Club allows clubs to create their own personalised website in their colours and sporting the club’s name and logo, which enable clubs to raise much needed revenue. It only takes the club a few minutes to set up.

We have created products specifically for grassroots sport clubs, that both the clubs and their members need.

We simply package these deals up as great, bespoke offers and then channel a percentage of revenues from this business back to clubs.

We're crowdfunding

My Club are looking to crowd fund from like-minded people who have a passion for sport and want to help Grassroots Sport to Survive, Revive and Thrive; whilst earning a return on their investment.

The raise will go to fund:

  1. Marketing to increase the number of clubs / members benefiting from My Club.
  2. An increase in the number of services and products that My Club will offer to clubs.
  3. An expansion programme into the international market